14 Rules of FSBO Safety

It may not cross your mind, but there are some dangers that can come with selling your home. It is important that you are cautious and prepared with these 14 rules of safety to prevent yourself from any problems.


1. Don't get blocked in

Park your car in front rather than in the driveway or in the garage during a showing in the unlikely event that you need to escape in your vehicle.

2. Find a partner in crime

Make sure someone else is present with you for all open houses or showings and that at least one of you keeps an eye on the prospective buyer at all times.

3. Make your neighbors aware

If feasible, keep your immediate neighbors up to date on your showing schedule in case they see anything suspicious.

4. Do not let visitors roam freely

Follow your prospect. Don’t lead visitors, direct them like a tour guide from room to room alongside them or slightly behind.

5. Gather potential buyer's info

Request the potential buyer’s cell phone number and email address and then call and/or email them back to verify

6. Obtain their driver's license

If it’s a general email address such as Gmail or Yahoo – not a company address – ask them to take a picture of their driver’s license and text it to you. That’s pretty simple.

7. Have a phone conversation

Spend a few minutes talking with them over the phone. You can usually get a sense of a person quickly.

8. Remove small valuables

Remove small jewelry and money from plain view and out of the front of drawers.

9. Store away expensive tech

Store away laptops and, if possible, put high-end stereos, flat panel TVs, etc., in storage until you sell.

10. Do not provide your schedule

Never let potential buyers know your schedule. Don’t ever tell them when you won’t be at home, when your spouse won’t be at home, when you pick up your kids, when you work, when you will be on vacation, etc.

11. Keep a log of visitors

Keep a log of everyone who has looked at your house. At a minimum, get their name, telephone number and address, and any additional information that could be helpful. In the event of a future burglary, all of these people would be suspects.

12. Make sure to lock up

After every showing or open house be sure to check all windows and doors to verify they are locked

13. Never show the home alone

Never show the property alone (especially if you are a female… so many horror stories) and ask how many people will be coming with the buyer. Try to have them keep it to 1 or 2 people and if they show up with more than they said you can cancel the showing if you want.

14. Do not give a reason

Never tell a stranger that you can’t show them the house because you won’t

be home. That is an open invitation to any criminal. Simply say something

like “I’ll be busy then… how about 10:30 instead?”

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